As your teacher I will use explanation and a guiding touch to help you re-discover  natural  balance. You’ll  start by learning some of the basics on the table and then working with simple movements and positions - such as sitting, standing, and bending the knees - which are basic to all activity. Once you have understood and practiced the principles of the Alexander Technique we will be able to work with more practical procedures to help with walking, writing, sport etc.

Through experience and observation, you learn how your co-ordination works - how you create tension and how you can prevent or release it.
This awareness enables you to change longstanding habits and function more efficiently.

In time and with practice you will be able to use your new understanding and skill in more complex and demanding activities and situations in your daily life.

Come along for one-to-one lessons. These provide the best opportunity for your individual needs to be addressed. The number of lessons you take will depend on you, your particular needs and goals, but don’t put yourself under pressure just book one lesson to see how it suits you and then discuss the way forward.

Do remember that learning the Alexander technique involves changing long-standing habits, so improvement relies in part on your active participation.

Individual lessons will cost £40. Wear comfortable clothes, loose trousers are ideal.

The one-to-one option is not always appropriate in todays busy world and workshops can be a useful introduction to the technique. My background working in the corporate environment has helped me develop bespoke workshops to suit any group. For example a lot of office workers can find ways to prevent persistent neck/back pain or relieve painful conditions such as migraine or the onset of RSI and my interests from horses to golf help link the technique with specifics for those groups too.