Have you noticed that some people ooze calm, presence and grace in their movement, whilst others seem in a constant battle with themselves? How easy it is to slump in a chair, crouch over a computer or table without giving a thought to the effect of that posture on our continuing health and vitality! All sorts of physical and emotional experiences, learned behaviour, lifestyle and circumstance lead us, unknowingly to interfere with the natural process.  It is an easy progression but these postures become habits so ingrained that we hardly notice them and before long they are effecting the way the whole body works.  Learn how you are creating your tension patterns and how to prevent and release them.

Students of the Alexander Technique find they can improve their flexibility, balance and concentration which are key factors in everyday life as well as any performance.

Learning to use the body most efficiently improves the way it functions and maximises energy.

Poor posture is the result of an inefficient body not the cause of it.

The Alexander Technique helps you to restore natural balance by managing excess tensions. You will rediscover poise, vitality and co-ordination. Movement becomes freer with less effort and breathing and speaking become easier. The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method to improve how you move, perform, look and feel. It offers you a method for life-long learning allowing you to develop self reliance.